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New York Yankees


Minnesota Twins

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27 mins 1.28New York Yankees 3.55Minnesota Twins + 1
32 mins 1.55Miami Marlins 2.35New York Mets + 13
32 mins 1.88Detroit Tigers 1.87Oakland Athletics + 13
21:45 2.02San Francisco Giants 1.75Colorado Rockies + 13
Sep, 21 01:05 3.20Philadelphia Phillies 1.33Los Angeles Dodgers + 1
Sep, 21 01:05 2.62Baltimore Orioles 1.45Boston Red Sox + 13
Sep, 21 01:05 1.93Pittsburgh Pirates 1.83Milwaukee Brewers + 12
Sep, 21 01:07 1.78Toronto Blue Jays 1.98Kansas City Royals + 13
Sep, 21 01:10 2.52Cincinnati Reds 1.50St. Louis Cardinals + 13
Sep, 21 01:10 2.00Tampa Bay Rays 1.77Chicago Cubs + 13
Sep, 21 01:35 2.27Atlanta Braves 1.60Washington Nationals + 13
Sep, 21 02:10 1.31Houston Astros 3.35Chicago White Sox + 13
Sep, 21 03:10 2.17San Diego Padres 1.65Arizona Diamondbacks + 13
Sep, 21 04:07 1.93Los Angeles Angels 1.83Cleveland Indians + 13
Sep, 21 04:10 1.62Seattle Mariners 2.25Texas Rangers + 13

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MLB - World Series - Finalists

4.75Cleveland Indians VS Los Angeles Dodgers 5.75Houston Astros VS Los Angeles Dodgers 7.75Boston Red Sox VS Los Angeles Dodgers 8.50Cleveland Indians VS Washington Nationals 9.50Chicago Cubs VS Cleveland Indians 10.00Houston Astros VS Washington Nationals 12.00Chicago Cubs VS Houston Astros 13.00Los Angeles Dodgers VS New York Yankees 15.00Boston Red Sox VS Washington Nationals 16.00Boston Red Sox VS Chicago Cubs 19.00Arizona Diamondbacks VS Cleveland Indians 23.00Arizona Diamondbacks VS Houston Astros 24.00New York Yankees VS Washington Nationals 27.00Chicago Cubs VS New York Yankees 32.00Arizona Diamondbacks VS Boston Red Sox 35.00Los Angeles Dodgers VS Minnesota Twins 45.00Los Angeles Angels VS Los Angeles Dodgers 45.00Cleveland Indians VS Colorado Rockies 45.00Colorado Rockies VS Houston Astros 50.00Arizona Diamondbacks VS New York Yankees 70.00Boston Red Sox VS Colorado Rockies 70.00Minnesota Twins VS Washington Nationals 70.00Chicago Cubs VS Minnesota Twins 70.00Cleveland Indians VS Milwaukee Brewers 80.00Houston Astros VS Milwaukee Brewers 90.00Los Angeles Angels VS Washington Nationals 100.00Chicago Cubs VS Los Angeles Angels 125.00Colorado Rockies VS New York Yankees 125.00Boston Red Sox VS Milwaukee Brewers 150.00Arizona Diamondbacks VS Minnesota Twins 150.00Cleveland Indians VS ST Louis Cardinals 175.00Houston Astros VS ST Louis Cardinals 200.00Milwaukee Brewers VS New York Yankees 200.00Los Angeles Dodgers VS Seattle Mariners 200.00Arizona Diamondbacks VS Los Angeles Angels 200.00Los Angeles Dodgers VS Texas Rangers 250.00Boston Red Sox VS ST Louis Cardinals 300.00Los Angeles Dodgers VS Tampa Bay Rays 300.00Kansas City Royals VS Los Angeles Dodgers 300.00Colorado Rockies VS Minnesota Twins 400.00Texas Rangers VS Washington Nationals 400.00Seattle Mariners VS Washington Nationals 400.00New York Yankees VS ST Louis Cardinals 400.00Colorado Rockies VS Los Angeles Angels 400.00Chicago Cubs VS Texas Rangers 400.00Baltimore Orioles VS Los Angeles Dodgers 500.00Milwaukee Brewers VS Minnesota Twins 500.00Tampa Bay Rays VS Washington Nationals 500.00Chicago Cubs VS Seattle Mariners 500.00Kansas City Royals VS Washington Nationals 750.00Baltimore Orioles VS Chicago Cubs 750.00Baltimore Orioles VS Washington Nationals 750.00Arizona Diamondbacks VS Texas Rangers 750.00Chicago Cubs VS Tampa Bay Rays 750.00Los Angeles Angels VS Milwaukee Brewers 750.00Chicago Cubs VS Kansas City Royals 1000.00Boston Red Sox VS Miami Marlins 1000.00Arizona Diamondbacks VS Tampa Bay Rays 1000.00ST Louis Cardinals VS Texas Rangers 1000.00ST Louis Cardinals VS Tampa Bay Rays 1000.00Houston Astros VS Miami Marlins 1000.00Arizona Diamondbacks VS Seattle Mariners 1000.00Cleveland Indians VS Miami Marlins 1000.00Arizona Diamondbacks VS Baltimore Orioles 1000.00Miami Marlins VS Seattle Mariners 1000.00Colorado Rockies VS Texas Rangers 1000.00Baltimore Orioles VS ST Louis Cardinals 1000.00Miami Marlins VS Texas Rangers 1000.00Miami Marlins VS Tampa Bay Rays 1000.00Colorado Rockies VS Kansas City Royals 1000.00Baltimore Orioles VS Colorado Rockies 1000.00Baltimore Orioles VS Milwaukee Brewers 1000.00Colorado Rockies VS Seattle Mariners 1000.00Colorado Rockies VS Tampa Bay Rays 1000.00Minnesota Twins VS ST Louis Cardinals 1000.00Arizona Diamondbacks VS Kansas City Royals 1000.00Kansas City Royals VS ST Louis Cardinals 1000.00Seattle Mariners VS ST Louis Cardinals 1000.00Milwaukee Brewers VS Tampa Bay Rays 1000.00Milwaukee Brewers VS Seattle Mariners 1000.00Kansas City Royals VS Milwaukee Brewers 1000.00Milwaukee Brewers VS Texas Rangers 1000.00Los Angeles Angels VS ST Louis Cardinals

MLB - National League - Winner

MLB - National League - Winning Division

MLB - National League Central - Winner

MLB - American League - Winner

MLB - American League East - Winner

MLB - League Winner

MLB - American League - Winning Division

MLB - World Series - Winner

MLB - Winning Division

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